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23th of Oct, 20:45
Theatre 4
26th of Oct, 13:00
Theatre 4
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Rome is Burning (Portrait of Shirley Clarke)
dir. Noël Burch, André S. Labarthe / France 1970 / 55’


Shirley Clarke, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Yoko Ono

Film description

Part of the Cinéastes de Notre Temps series, this memorable documentary is an opportunity to see Clarke holding court, sharing her bold cinematic ideas and opinions on filmmaking with a congregation including such luminaries as director Jacques Rivette, writer and artist Jean-Jacques Lebel and Yoko Ono. Shot in January 1968 and co-directed by Noël Burch and André S Labarthe, footage of this nature featuring Clarke at such a crucial time in her development is scarce to say the least, making this rarely-seen film a unique and informative part of this retrospective. Here, we are in the company of the real Shirley Clarke, unaffected by any exterior motive, enthusiastically discussing her craft and presenting us with this opportunity, the immense importance of Rome Is Burning (A Portrait of Shirley Clarke) speaks for itself. Niall Grieg Fulton

(After the screening on 10.26, a set of three short films will be presented - Dance in the Sun, Shirley Clarke, USA 1953, 6’; Bridges-Go-Round, Shirley Clarke, USA 1958, 7’; Skyscraper, Willard Van Dyke, Shirley Clarke, USA 1959, 21’.)

Prepared by: Katarzyna Juchniewicz-Gajewska

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