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24th of Oct, 15:30
Theatre 9
27th of Oct, 18:15
Theatre 9
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Quentin Dupieux
~ magdwtr
Wrong Cops
dir. Quentin Dupieux / USA 2013 / 90’


Mark Burnham, Eric Judor, Steve Little, Marilyn Manson, Grace Zabriskie, Eric Wareheim

Film description

Cops that sell drugs packed in dead rats in broad daylight? Marilyn Manson as a law-abiding electro-loving teen? It could only happen in a Quentin Dupieux picture. The hyperactive artist’s latest movie is a comedy that clearly celebrates his two greatest passions of music and cinema. Working as Mr. Oizo, Dupieux has in recent years been attempting to conquer the French electronic music charts. As a director, in Wrong Cops, he exudes love for the synth in a story about a cop who looks like a Cyclops, who obsessively works on a hit, while his critic is 75% dead. After Rubber and Wrong no one doubted that Dupieux can redefine the concept of pastiche and Wrong Cops confirms that we are dealing with a new visionary who serves absurdity with surgical precision.  

Prepared by: Alicja Gancarz

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