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Theatre 4
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Ingmar Bergman twierdził, że Portret Jasona to jeden z najlepszych filmów, jakie widział.
~ magdwtr
dwugodzinny monolog. DWUGODZINNY MONOLOG!!! chociaż facet b. fajny
~ mnemmosyne
Portrait of Jason
dir. Shirley Clarke / USA 1967 / 105’


Jason Holiday, Shirley Clarke, Carl Lee

Film description

Filmed in one night, which generated 12 hours of footage, this candid interview with gay black prostitute Jason Holiday is a unique and fascinating piece of filmmaking that many consider to be Clarke’s finest work. Initially, as he vividly recounts his colorful life and times, Jason is simply an endearing and entertaining subject. However, as his personality begins to unravel, this becomes uncomfortably compulsive viewing. Slowly revealing deeper and deeper layers of this increasingly fascinating character, Clarke’s hypnotic film simultaneously blossoms into a true journey inside the soul of a man.

Once again, Carl Lee was heavily involved: through the former’s existing friendship with Jason, and throughout the film, as he can be heard prompting and provoking Jason from off-camera.

Niall Grieg Fulton


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