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Theatre 7
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W domu w głębi lasu mieszkają dwie siostry, które muszą się uporać ze śmiercią matki.
~ mnemmosyne
~ psubrat
The Wait
dir. M. Blash / USA 2013 / 96’


Jena Malone, Chloë Sevigny, Luke Grimes, Josh Hamilton, Devon Gearhart, Lana Green, Michael O'Keefe

Film description

Reality mixes with dream and fiction in The Wait, a world swirling with remembrances of Tarkovski films where death/rebirth are one and the same and can be announced by telephone. Two sisters living deep in a forest struggle to deal with their mother’s death. Angela tries to be the feet-on-the-ground realist and so it is sensitive Emma who picks up the phone to hear an enigmatic voice announcing their mother’s imminent return to the living. The mood thickens, as mourning becomes an oneiric experience. ‘In making The Wait I was inspired by Russian science-fiction films,’ claims M. Blash, adding that the film is mythopoetry, a story that is both true and completely unreal.


Prepared by: Anna Bielak

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