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27th of Oct, 21:00
Theatre 7
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moze lepiej a casa
~ mnemmosyne
Before Midnight
dir. Richard Linklater / USA 2013 / 109’


Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

Film description

It’s been 9 years since Jesse and Celine met in Paris. Now, their musings about how their lives might look if they were together change into descriptions of what actually happened. After the film’s Sundance premiere, critics made much of the fact that the film is set in Greece where time grudgingly becomes one of the characters. But the passage of time would play a role here irrespective of the setting. It is enough to look at how much Delpy and Hawke have changed! The trilogy does a phenomenal job of capturing dynamics of change in people’s approach to relationships with age. If Jesse and Celine already had one marriage that was “like running a small nursery with someone you used to date” (as Jesse put it) or several relationships (in case of Celine) they would not have lost touch, though it certainly would have been a loss for cinema.


Prepared by: Karolina Pasternak

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