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25th of Oct, 21:00
Theatre 9
27th of Oct, 15:30
Theatre 8
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Harry Potter as a beatnik and Holling Vincoeur
~ mnemmosyne
Kill Your Darlings
dir. John Krokidas / USA 2013 / 104’


Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Foster, Dane DeHaan, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Huston, Elizabeth Olsen

Film description

Even before Jack Kerouac went On the Road, William S. Burroughs ate his Naked Lunch, and Allen Ginsberg transgressed it all with his Howl, beatniks in tidy sweaters ambled politely through universities carrying the Classics under their arms, but even they yearned to free literature from the yoke of sclerotic convention. John Krokidas uncompromisingly shows these young revolutionaries solely from their own perspective rather than that of a partial observer. A musical free-for-all and a galloping montage of associations offers an unanesthetized view of the movement’s feverish energy where visions born of ravenous use of booze and acid fluidly morph into a legend fiendishly propounded by lyrical anarchists.


Prepared by: Ludwika Mastalerz

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