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23th of Oct, 18:15
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26th of Oct, 12:30
Theatre 5
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Northern Light
dir. Nick Bentgen / USA 2013 / 105’


rodzina Garlinghouse, rodzina Komarnizki, rodzina Wolfgang


2013 Visions Du Réel - Nagroda specjalna w konkursie filmów pełnometrażowych / Special Award Feature Documentary

Film description

This observational documentary portrays the modern American working class, set to the roar of snowcat engines, draws on the tradition of direct cinema and follows two racers and their families in yearlong preparations for a prestigious competition. The director is interested in what hides behind the rivalry, machine noise and adrenaline rush that comes with every lap: the daily toil, getting up at dawn and prayer before every meal. These Michigan residents are the progeny of the pioneer ethos, determined and independent in their efforts to stay self-sufficient. Nowadays, it’s not the frigid cold and the highest snowfall in the USA that are their biggest foes, but the extremely painful economic crisis.


Prepared by: Katarzyna Boratyn

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