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22th of Oct, 19:00
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25th of Oct, 20:45
Theatre 1
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witam, chętnie odkupię bilet na godzinę 20.45. kontakt 668968937
~ Olinka123
~ mnemmosyne
To będzie niezapomniany wieczór :)
~ Anzera
pomimo rezerwacji o g. 11.09 pewnie nie pójdę - błąd w matriksie uniemożliwia kupno biletu:/
~ tricky_kid
to będzie piękny film
~ MoniqueF
idziemy :-)
~ kinga.szynkowska@gmail.com
Oczywiście, że idziemy. Cudowni Adam i Eve czekają :D
~ Little_Loki
Only Lovers Left Alive
dir. Jim Jarmusch / UK, Germany, France, Cyprus, USA 2013 / 123’


Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt

Film description

Only those who can love will survive, declares Jarmusch. Even though his heroes are vampires, it is love, carefully nurtured for centuries, that keeps them alive. Adam is a successful musician in forsaken Detroit. When he falls into a depression, his beloved Eve visits from Tangier. The vampire couple, who abstain from chomping on mortal flesh for chow, have their romantic interlude interrupted by a visit from Eve’s nutty younger sister, Ava. Jarmusch’s film is a treasure trove for fetishists of innuendo and between-the-lines references. The director employs his exceptional melancholy and warmth to repair the image of vampires spoiled by the Twilight saga’s little fiends. He treats his characters with tenderness and gravitas while successfully employing them as universal metaphors. The film is the fruit of a labor of love filled with infectiously intelligent humor.

Prepared by: Anna Tatarska

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