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23th of Oct, 15:30
Theatre 8
24th of Oct, 18:00
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osrodek resocjalizacji I ponizanie
~ kornel99
niestety w tygodniu...
~ psubrat
Po tragicznym wypadku decyzją matki zostaje umieszczony w prywatnej placówce resocjalizacyjnej, gdzieś w ostępach gór Colorado.
~ mnemmosyne
Jak czas pozwoli
~ andrzejhen
resocjalizacja piekło/kon
~ gosiagosia
dir. Vincent Grashaw / USA 2013 / 104’


PJ Boudousqué, Chris Petrovski, James C. Burns, Nicholas Bateman, Octavius J. Johnson, Stephanie Simbari

Film description

Considering the recently disclosed history of abuse at Florida’s Dozier School for boys, Coldwater’s fiction seems terrifyingly real. Young Brad is a smalltime drug dealer growing increasingly fed-up with the inevitable path of his short life. After a tragic accident, his mother places him in private rehab center in the Colorado backwoods. Coldwater turns out to be a hell that squeezes remnants of humanity from its captive teen patients. Grashaw's film differs from the dozens of movies with a similar plot – here, chance and stupidity churn the merciless spiral of violence. Even the charismatic Colonel Reichert who runs the place, is more pitiful than he is fascist. A shocking spectacle of humiliation and primal aggression plays out among the sun-soaked Colorado fields. 


Prepared by: Piotr Szcześniak

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