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Theatre 4
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Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel with the World
dir. Shirley Clarke / USA 1963 / 51’


Robert Frost


Oskar za najlepszy dokument w 1963 r. / Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for 1963

Film description

Shot a few short months before the poet's death, this film is the result of an incredibly fruitful partnership between Clarke and Frost, two rebels who grew up in the city and always dreamed of the pastoral life. The poignant documentary features fragments of Frost's lectures at Sarah Lawrence College and Amherst College strewn with images of the bucolic life on his Vermont farm. Frost's self-reflecting and philosophical poems, set against the landscapes of his beloved New England, describe country life in simple and direct terms making for excellent examples of a broadminded bridge crossing from tradition to modernism. Robert Frost is an unconventional portrait of the great poet, but also a warm and charming human being. The film received the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1963.

(After the screening on 10.23, a set of three short films will be presented - Dance in the Sun, Shirley Clarke, USA 1953, 6’; Bridges-Go-Round, Shirley Clarke, USA 1958, 7’; Skyscraper, Willard Van Dyke, Shirley Clarke, USA 1959, 21’.)

Prepared by: Katarzyna Juchniewicz-Gajewska

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