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27th of Oct, 15:30
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Before Sunrise
dir. Richard Linklater / USA 1995 / 101’


Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy


1995 Berlin IFF – Srebrny Niedźwiedź za Najlepszą Reżyserię / Silver Bear for Best Director

Film description

When Jesse and Celine met, Marc Zuckerberg was just 10 years old. Linklater begins his trilogy with this, now classic, film and shows that (lack of) technology has no influence on the development of feelings because it is the desire to stay in touch not the number of communication channels that make a difference. However, the absence of certain technologies had a significant impact on the script of this film – had this thoroughly romantic story been shot several years later, it would no longer be credible. Jesse and Celine don’t think about the past, they are in the mood for love here and now, they’re living the age of innocence, writing their own love story with each minute. So significant because it is a snapshot of the moment before the world of international romance was to change forevermore. 

Prepared by: Karolina Pasternak

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