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23th of Oct, 20:45
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film o facecie w łódce
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Film o facecie w łódce?
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All Is Lost
dir. J.C. Chandor / USA 2013 / 100’


Robert Redford


2013 Deauville American Film Festival - Nagroda Jury / The Jury Prize

Film description

A lonely man, a boat and a distant horizon. All Is Lost is a one-actor show in which an unnamed man (Robert Redford) shipwrecks on the ocean and loses contact with land. Left to fend for himself, he attempts several rescue procedures. ”After Margin Call, I wanted a challenge: to pose fundamental questions about the human condition in a totally different way,” claims the director, ”a story about the fight for survival does not need hour-long monologues.” All Is Lost, a film about survival and being shorn of hope, is virtually wordless and speaks instead through nature footage and breathtaking underwater cinematography. Director J.C. Chandor reflects on the human condition and fate with gravity and poignancy. 

Prepared by: Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

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