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Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia
dir. Nicholas Wrathall / USA, Italy 2013 / 83’


Jay Parini, Gore Vidal

Film description

Anyone who was anyone would go see Vidal – from politicians and their wives to film stars and entertainers as Vidal became the American symbol of mistrust toward authority, resistance against false morality and the reviled Republicans. His career included stints in Hollywood, domination of TV in the late 1950s, and that of an iconic political columnist and writer. His books caused scandals and his anecdotes about Reagan amused the masses. Gore Vidal is about an icon taking stock as his life nears an end. Vidal begins his “lecture about the past” by showing his future tombstone, with the greats of this era “lying” nearby. Vidal gives up the dirt on some old front-page-friends by sharing scandalous anecdotes and recalls political missteps, all the while showing the face of a man who perhaps has seen a little too much.  

Prepared by: Joanna Ostrowska

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